Syed Abdul Baqi

Image upload plugin for TinyMCE

Posted on: February 7, 2009

Hello everybody!

Few days back, in one of my project there was a requirement of Image upload plugin for TinyMCE. After spending lot of time on googling, I found IBrowser. This pulgin is really nice and easy to integrate with image resizing, crop option.

Time for action, first download the latest copy for IBrowser from here and place the ibrowser plugin folder into your tinymce plugin folder. Now open config/ and find $cfg[‘ilibs’] array, this array actually defines the path for uploading images.  It looks something like this:

      $cfg['ilibs'] = array (
      array (
      ‘value’ => ‘/path/from/webroot/img/’,
      ‘text’ => ‘LibraryName’,

LibraryName is used to categorize images into different libraries. You can also define multiple libraries by making $cfg[‘ilibs’] multidimensional array.

Now moving forward,  change folder ibrowser\scripts\phpThumb\cache and ibrowser\temp permissions to 777.

OK now we are done with configuration part. Next is to made plugin available to TinyMCE and add ibrowser button into your TinyMCE configuration.  Something link this:


plugins : “ibrowser”,

theme_advanced_buttons2_add : “ibrowser”,


Hope this helps to someone……

comments are welcomed


2 Responses to "Image upload plugin for TinyMCE"

I have tried to find the iBrowser file everywhere and can not. The link above does not work. Is there any way you can send me a copy of that zip file?

It seems as though the old url for iBrowser is over taken by some other organization. Anyhow, now I have updated the download link for iBrowser in the post.
Let me know if you need any technical support while integrating iBrowser, I will try to help :).

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