Syed Abdul Baqi

My Projects

Global Transmission

Technology:                   PHP, MySQL, JavaScript.

Project Details:

Global Transmission provides comprehensive sources of up-to-date information and analysis on the global electricity transmission industry. The website contains many articles which are categorized under different sections. New visitor to the site is restricted to only free articles, whereas registered user has access to every article in each section. New visitors can register themselves through subscription form by selected different types of subscription and mode of payment. Basic and advanced search is also available to the user to filter articles as per his/her interest.

In the back-end admin is provider with Content Management System, where he can perform complete CRUD operations. Moreover admin panel is also having newsletter section, where admin can add newsletters to the queue that will be under hold state initially. Once the newsletters is verified and tested by the admin, its state will be changed to pending. So that next time when the online CRON is executed it will fetch all the pending newsletters and fire them to all the registered users. After this newsletter state is changed to completed.

India Infrastructure

Technology:                   PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax.

Project Details:

India Infrastructure is a publishing company dedicated to provide information on the infrastructure sector of India through Magazines, Conferences, Newsletters, and Research reports. The website contains fully customized Ajax based shopping cart in the front end, in which user can add and remove products from different categories. The payment transaction can be processed in either INR or USD. All the processes in the cart are handled using Ajax, to make cart user-friendly.

In the back-end admin is provider with Content Management System, where he can perform complete CRUD operations on products and categories. Apart from that, admin can also list all the order taken; here orders are approved based on their transaction status.

Gunner Med Prep (United States Medical Licensing Exams).

Technology:                   PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax.

Project Details:

This website is developed for Gunner Med Prep, provider for online medical examination solution. The website has two actors, Admin and Student. Admin will be provider with Content Management System (CMS), where he can maintain Category, Subject and Questions. Every question will be maintained based on their Category and Subject, and managed according to their level of difficulty. On user end, student can take up online examination based on his interest of Category, Subject and Questions. Apart from this, student can also view his previous exam results, based on subject or category, in nice graphical bar chart. And can also compare his result with the result for other students, to judge his ability.

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